Why Does A Light Switch Have 4 Wires

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Which is called a pigtail connecting to the silver screw on the pull chain fixture. Splice the hot wire the feed for the other loads and a short black pigtail together.

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2 Nov 22 2010.

Why does a light switch have 4 wires. There are a total of 4 wires that went to the switch 3 black 1 red. Wiring a three-way dimmer switch uses four wires and allows you the convenience of dimming the light from separate switches at opposite ends of a room. So the new switch has four wires.

One is bringing power in and the other is bringing power out. I have a voltage tester and checked the wiring in the wall to find that I have 2 hot wires going to the switch. The problem is that without the other wires connected to the switch the ceiling light in my bedroom and closet dont work.

Terminate the light feed to one of the two screws on the new switch. I wish to fit some outside security lights 4 in total. Thats why a light switch without ground isnt the best idea but it can still work.

The two wires on the bottom of the switch is your feeds. The wiring is already in place to the outside of property and then finished in a plastic cap type box to protect from weather. If the light switch has a screw for a bare ground wire but your electrical box doesnt have one youre OK just leaving that screw empty and connecting your other wires.

By Blair Gilbert A light switch has 4 wires sometimes 2 white and 2 black wires. The blacks are also connected to each other with a short wire another pigtail to the brass screw on the fixture. Set the dimmer at its highest level for general task lighting and turn the dimmer down to a lower setting when minimal lighting is needed.

Since the switch cuts the power on and off there will be a black wire coming into the switch and a black wire leaving. When not connected to power the bathroom is left powerless. Joehas just come across an existing light switc.

I know that normally the red means traveler which should be used in a 3 way switch setup. Do not use backstabs even if the new switch has them. Wiring Connectors on Amazon.

I thought I could connect this but obviously not as I cannot get light on. Is that your question. The whites are connected together with a short third wire.

Connect the pigtail to the other screw on the new switch. In order for me to have light in the bathroom until I figure out what to do. Cbailey22 – Thread Starter.

What they did was instead of splicing the 2 feeds together and making a tail they put one under the screw and back stabbed the other. The top wire is your switch leg. The new device you are installing needs all 4 wires connected to work properly.

Currently I have the Bathroom wires connect to the power and the switch isolated. The wire is 4 core brown black grey and then a single in covers copper cable. The whites are normally just connected together with a wire nut and the coppers are connected together with a wire nut or grounded to a metal junction box.

Going without a ground wire. Trim and cap the splice. The switch is a double switch but only one seems to do anything kitchen fluorescent light the other does nothing It has 4 wires 2 red and 2 black the 2 black go to two different common terminals and the 2 red go to two different L2 terminals.

What you need at your switch is a Hot wire coming from the panel and should be a black or red wire in a single phase house it could be a blue if you have 3 phase Switch leg going to the light and can be any color but typically its orange pink purpleetc. Joined Nov 7 2010.

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