How To Test A Thermostat Sensor

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Take a paper towel and run it along the wire length of the thermostat while wiping it recall that the thermostat is oftentimes a copper tube that is about 3 to 4 inches long. Gently lower the end of the sensor into the water until the entire device is fully submerged.

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A refrigerator defrost thermostat is a crucial part of proper operation of your fridge.

How to test a thermostat sensor. When your defrost thermostat goes bad it can lead to your refrigerat. Set the function switch on your digital multimeter DMM to the R X 1 scale and connect the test probes to the two wires from the thermostatic switch that. There is a lot of misinformation on testing the defrost thermostat.

This video shows the proper way to test your defrost thermostat. Disengage the wires from the thermostat you are to test. If the air is warmer then your desired setting the sensor will activate the compressor or in other words begin to cool the inside of the building.

Check whether the thermostat is. As the air passes the sensor it reads the temperature and compares that reading to the setting on your thermostat. Wait a minute or so for the screen to give you a reading of the cold water.

If it is you will have a reading of 240V on terminals 1 and 3. The meter will indicate an open circuit by displaying OL on its Liquid Crystal Display LCD for a good thermostat that has normally open NO contacts or it will display zero 000 Ohms for a good thermostat that has normally closed NC contacts. Submerge the sensor in the water and take a reading.

By Dan FerrellMar 17 20168 mins to read. Once you have a reading write down the measurement. Replace the thermostat- check that it is not leaning up against the inside of the unit in any way it should be hanging free.

Clip one of the test leads from your DMM to each terminal on the thermostat. Move to the thermostat terminals and check if it is supplied with power. Unplug it if the plug is disconnectable or turn off the power breaker if there is no plug.

Its usually stamped on the thermostat itself this is the exact temperature required for your thermostat to open up. Learn how to locate remove and test the defrost thermostat in a freezerShop freezer thermostats. But if there is no reading check its power source.

The thermostat uses two kinds of. Remove the insulation covering of the heating elements and the thermostat. Also check for current on the high limit switch.

Determine the opening temperature of the thermostat. Place the thermostat in boiling water if you dont have a thermometer.

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